Last Week/ (s)?


  • Cut off about half my hair.
  • Started wearing make-up.
  • Lost approx 2 kilo
  • Told the Master of my College that it didn’t matter how much I drank because my essay was perfect.
  • bought a lot of make-up, earrings I am allergic to.
  • Agreed/ suggested having sex with a guy mate (not completed)
  • Agreed to be in Cardiff, Spain and somewhere else… London? next weekend.
  • Got convinced re: Norweigan ghost from Dark Matter.
  • Agreed to visit my ex and her wife in Canada.
  • Stopped eating except when it was suggested that I better (and then little)
  • Made huge number of seminar notes then refused to go, as they weren’t perfect.
  • CRASH: sat in the snow in a t-shirt for hours (or one hour? no idea) smoking and drinking and trying to blot out the world, though at least I ate toast before this.

Tomorrow I want to get my tattoo: a bare tree, one leaf for every year I complete according to my standards.  Could remain a naked tree for some time.  I want it just under my collarbone.

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