Miniature Rant.

Everyone always says, you know “Ohhh mental illness is like a broken leg, it’s not your fault, takes time to heal etc etc etc + blah”.  No, it fucking isn’t.  The healing of a broken leg has a time frame, and the solutions are fixed, if multiple.  Bipolar is chronic.  Lifelong.  It never goes away and the solutions need to be maintained constantly, and maybe forever.  Usually, a broken limb doesn’t need to be medicated for the rest of the breakee’s life (and I say usually because I don’t know, I’ve never broken a limb, I don’t know what complications there might be and I WOULDN’T presume).  I’m not saying, Oh poor me, Oh woe, Oh no, oh isn’t this very sad, etc etc etc blah.

I’m just saying, that as a Literature student, I object to shit similes.  REFRAIN!



p.s. If you must use a metaphor, I’d go with Type 1 diabetes.  Yes?  Got it?  Do your research and sort it the fuck out.


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