My Baby Sister

My little sister has Type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed three years ago, when she was seven. For a couple of years she had regimented meal times, five injections a day. Last year, she was fitted with an Insulin Pump- it delivers insulin according to the number of carbs she eats at any given time. It is changed once every three days. Imagine- from five injections a day, to one every three. It looks a bit like a Nintendo of some sort, clipped on to her clothes. It is pretty amazing. It’s not a fix-all. Her blood sugar still goes mad sometimes. People have all these ideas: that diabetics can’t eat sugar, for example. Actually, within reason, she can eat whatever she likes, provided she enters the carbohydrates into the pump. People also think about sugar as related to sweets, chocolate, etc. But it’s about carbohydrates: pasta is heavy and the slow-release nature can make it tricky. Fruit is high in sugar. Juice. And things like chips or pizza release strangely because the carbs need to push through fat. The pump is amazing for that- it can do a dual bolus, so that the insulin releases in sync with the carbs. It is actually amazing. Sometimes she is shy about it, defensive, even angry. Obviously, beneath that, sad. Because there is no cure and, unlike people with Type 2, there is nothing that she can do or change that will make a difference to the illness. It’s manageable but incurable (so far). It is a hell of a lot to deal with. If you’re not diabetic yourself, imagine having to calculate every single tiny snack? Taking a cucumber over an apple because a cucumber is carbless? Not being able to casually munch at a sleepover? I don’t think I know anybody else so brave. I don’t know anyone else for whom bravery is an absolute requirement.

My baby little sister. Haha she would hate hearing me call her that. Ten year olds are too cool.

Don’t know why that was necessary to share but it is, and I’m doing crying, and going to stop… But please just think about it?


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