Zig-a-zig Ah

I had one really, genuinely good day.

My friend S came down from London to see me.  We met up for lunch at The Goods Shed (www.thegoodsshed.co.uk), where we saw David Starkey (!) and had some very excellent sandwiches.  It was really nice catching up, walking around the town and the Cathedral, looking at all the different shops and things.  I bought a ludicrous pink mini-skirt; S bought a book about Cathedral Cats; I FINALLY got myself a calendar.  Then, as I always make people do this, we went to La Trappiste.  Beer and cheese board for third-meal (neither lunch nor dinner).  We wandered some more and got 2 cocktails (one non-alcoholic) at The Cuban.  S was looking out for me re: alcohol and it was nice to have that moral support instead of feeling obliged to drink/ left out if I didn’t.  We could have had tea, or coffee, and we did slow ourselves down with water and the non-alcoholic-cocktail (dislike the world mocktail).  So it felt more like a responsible, grown up, post food drink, than a wild and desperate gulping I sometimes do alone.

After a while we walked back up to the station and I thought there’s not a huge number of people you can spend eight hours with, and that was a really great day.  It’s been a while since I could say that with no “but…”

For the evening I donned said pink mini-skirt and went to Frenzy, the uni’s LGBT night.  I had low expectations of cliquey people, awkward-straight-girls, awful music.  Actually it was a huge amount of fun.  The music was the right kind of stupid: B*witched, Westlife, Spice Girls along with some Jessie J and Katy P.  It was silly-dancing, it was really enjoyable.  I like dancing if it’s unselfconscious fun dancing, rather than oh em gee, how cool am I though like seriously.  I was with friends L and So.  We moved on to a bigger Student Night, did more mad dancing, hid our coats in a very secret corner.  I enjoyed it even though it was the kind of thing I might usually avoid: “the drinks were few.  The people many”- Bernard Black.

Afterwards we got a takeaway (halloumi wrap, hell yes) and sat at So’s talking about societal racial discrimination, sexism, postgrad study and how awesome a night we had.  And again I thought wow.  I am a bit drunk.  I am pretty tired.  And I do regret having messed up the med-taking (5a.m.= wrong-time).  But I’ve just had a very good night and… I feel good about it.  I haven’t felt good in a (nearly) guilt-free way for absolutely ages.

[small note: I had a weird moment in the Cathedral.  I had lit a candle, S and I were wandering around together, talking about religious rituals and beautiful buildings.  How cool it would be to be in charge of washing the Church’s silverware.  For a second I was alone and thought: I haven’t meant to hurt you.  And in the quiet, I felt a response.]


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