“Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining”

I can’t untangle
what I know and what should matter most
Tegan & Sara

Last night I dreamed I had triplets.  Two were born together and one later.  All of my skin was bleeding.  Afterwards, I had to go into a creche and try to determine which children were mine (that one looks like my sister… that one has my Granny’s nose…).  Only two were in the creche, the other one (a boy) was elsewhere, getting some kind of help.

So, as you do, I played with some tarot cards (given by a friend) this morning and came up with something like this:

There are three things I hope to achieve;
three things in my way.
The things in my way are: fatigue; impulsiveness; incorrect use of resources.
I will need: creativity, will and a strong personality.

I don’t massively believe in tarot cards.  But I like making up stories.  I feel like what you make of the symbols shows you what you already know.  It isn’t that something has been divined for you- the same set of symbols could mean something completely different for another person.  But what you divine for yourself is more important.  So I am trying to work out now, what it is that I know and what of it matters, and what I should do about it.  I don’t know what the three things are I hope to achieve, though it worries me that in the dream I had to pick out something so important from a room full of other children. I understand what stands in my way.  One of the cards also mentions: austerity; traditionalism; accuracy, which II reckon I would need some of to raise triplets or achieve whatever these goals are.

Also… what happened to the little boy?!

I’m going to shower.  Ideas rinse out of my hair sometimes.


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