It annoys me that I have to pay for prescriptions.  For many chronic health conditions, prescriptions are free.  I think we have a pretty good system here: free for the under-19s; for those with, e.g. diabetes or epilepsy; free for older people, the registered unemployed, the minimum-wagers.  I’m not going to complain about that.  But mental illnesses can be and often are, long-standing and potentially life-threatening conditions, and if cost has to be a consideration in that then I think that’s pretty bad.  I realise, compared to the USA or something, 7.85 a pop is pretty cheap.  But if, at the bottom of my funds, I am considering not bothering to pick up my next lot then that’s not good, is it?  (Luckily, unlike some, I have supportive parents with fifteen quid- two meds- to lend).

I also think it diminishes the seriousness of mental health conditions, the fact that medication can be life-saving, can prevent all manner of problems.  I know immediate death is unlikely.  I know there are conditions that can have much more acute consequences if left untreated.  I wouldn’t compare myself to my little (diabetic) sister; I don’t need meds like she needs insulin.  But some people probably do.

That shouldn’t happen, should it?

Maybe I should move back to Scotland…

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