Daily Absurdities

The Uni Medical Centre

Options.  Year of Birth

How on earth can you hvae been born in no year?  I assume that they want you to answer NONE, in order that:
1) The world explodes like when you google Google.
2) You are taken in immediately because the chances of your answer being true make you a medical miracle.3) The Vatican can be informed (see entry on biblical literalists)
4) Your mental health can be brought into question.

These are the only possibilities I can think of.  I desperately wanted to click but the prospect of (1) was a bit alarming.

Eavesdropped Conversation

A man in Boho Cafe the other day. 
“I mean, I don’t drink wine.  But if I do, it’s gotta be good wine, know’t I mean?  And if it’s not I’ll maybe just have one glass”

“I mean…I don’t eat in restaurants unless they’re family owned.  Unless I’m with the kids, then I might go to a chain.  The other day, y’know, went to a restaurant, family owned place, took a punt… it was reasonably clean!”

I plan to stop wearing earphones forever, life is too funny to drown out.


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