Eavesdropped Conversations That Annoy Me

1.  In Uni Cafe
Girl: I mean, if you’re a lesbian, you shouldn’t have toys.  You gave that up when you made your choice, know what I mean?

2.  On The Tube
Girl: This is my best friend, and this is my gay best friend…

1.  What choice, exactly?  Among many other things I could point out.
2.  Would you say “this is my black best friend”?  (for example).  Also, is this a friend or a token/ trophy/ fashion statement?


Longer rant later, I feel.  Needed this posted, please reply with equal annoyance if the urge strikes.


7 thoughts on “Eavesdropped Conversations That Annoy Me

  1. My adopted cousin is black and he always feels awkward because my grandmother (who is 79 and senile) feels the need to explain that he is “not blood, but still family”. Gesh….

    May I rant?:
    Overheard conversation at Walmart at 2am this morning:
    Checkout Girl: Oh dear, did you burn yourself?
    Customer: Yea. I was smoking on the terlit (hillbilly for toilet) and went to throw it in the bowl and it bout burned my curdar (I don’t even know if that is how you spell it) somethin’ awful. Thank God I’m not gay, those gals stick their whole arm up there, it’d nevr heal that way. God should have punished them, not me. I just like my menthols.

    True story.

    • OH MY GOD. That is one hell of an overheard conversation! What a weird thing to say, besides anything else! That is so, so, so unusual. I need to post a longer ranty post, me-feels. Why do people feel the need to make such comments, clearly having no idea of what they are talking about?!

      As to your cousin- aww. Pity he feels awkward, and equally awkward and sweet of your grandmother, it seems.

      • I know, right?! Who the hell talks like that, in public or anywhere for that matter! I can’t wait to read your longer rant – the first was quite enjoyable.

        As for my grandmother, since my grandfather died it’s like she’s lost some social grace. She wants people to know he’s family – just wish she didn’t point it out the way she does. My cousin has gotten to the point where he thinks it’s funny (thank God). She still calls my husband by the wrong name after nearly 11 years, what can you do?

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