Yet Another Eavesdropped Conversation

…that makes me wonder whether I am the sanest person on earth.  Names have been invented.

Setting: Hospital waiting room.  I am waiting for my Granny and shamelessly eavesdropping.

Girl:  How comes Rachel has such a big nose?
Dad:  Jewish innit.
Girl:  But her sister doesn’t and she’s Jewish too…
Dad:  Yeah well… she might have a different dad.  I dunno.

Girl:  Why’s that man got that hat on?
Dad:  It’s their religion innit?

[He goes on to describe a “frisbee thing” and a “sort of swimming cap” that go under the man’s hat.  I have still to work out what on earth he is on about.]


Two Orthodox Jews walk in, unbelievably timed.

Girl:  Why are they dressed so funny?
Dad:   Shhh, don’t be rude.  They might be Amish.

Please note: this was in a very multicultural part of East London.  I think, from my eavesdropping skills, that they were from the area or not far.  What the actuall feck is this all about?  I was in pieces trying neither to laugh, nor cry.


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