Sunday Share: Blogs I Enjoy

So here we are again, another Sunday, another set of recommendations.  I’m surprised at how easy this is, actually- I like so many blogs that it rolls from the fingers pretty easily.  So what have we this week?

1) is a moving, well-thought out blog about living with a parent with dementia: “rethinking recovery” is a perfect name for the blog and it’s definitely worth a read.

2) : Golly Gosh Cafe, is a set of interwoven stories well worth viewing if you feel like a good read.

3)Theurgetocut: is an honest, intelligent blog about, among other things, living with self-harm.

4) A Boy: when you read these poems, you’ll know why I am recommending this one.  The poems are easy to read, interesting and very good!  Have a peek.


So that’s my Sunday, some of which will likely be spent reading these blogs!


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