It’s not the cards you’re dealt; it’s how you play them.


It was Gay Pride in London this weekend.  It got me thinking: I am not so much proud of what I am, as I should be of who I am.  I made a placard, Lesbian Since 1987.  The idea is that being gay, mixed race, bipolar, whatever, are things that come quite naturally to me.  Effortless.  Whereas: I work to be a writer, I train to do half marathons, I have worked my arse off for academic stuff.  Those are acheivements, the things I should be proud of gaining or creating, with, through, or sometimes despite the things that I “am.”  I would rather be proud of who I become, than what I started out as.

So here we go.  I’m on it, peeps!


16 thoughts on “Pride?

  1. I found this post very comforting. Then it made me want reach out to you because you’re a woman and bipolar. I accidently posted this blog entry on my Facebook page –

    I got a response from my sister in law that I wasn’t prepared for : You know, I don’t know anyone who is the same now as they were back in their teens or their 20s – those times shaped who we are now but they don’t have to define us. I do worry that you think about your life back then too much. I feel that if you could stay busy with things that keep you in the present – maybe get out more and volunteer or things like that , it helps to keep your mind off of what was and stay more with the now and what’s to be. Does that make sense? I’m just saying this as your sister in law who loves you and worries about you and Scott. I know Scott is supportive of you, but he also needs to stay positive about the future and focus on the present. Anyway, I hope that all makes sense.Stay well and stay busy and stop thinking so much!

    I know my sister in law means well, but I feel like she’s judging my performance in my marriage. She doesn’t know how difficult things can get for me. Am I making any sense? Please respond.


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