Sunday Share 4: Blogs I Enjoy



This week’s is being posted a little bit late but I’m calling it Sunday.  I haven’t read/ written a great deal over the last week- alternately busy and a bit down, but I do pay attention to what’s going on in my WordPress Reader!

Here are some blogs I’ve enjoyed reading over the last little while.


1) :   There’s a real vulnerability to the writing in this blog, probably because of its honesty.  Each post is well crafted, thought out and imaginative.   I was going to pick one out, as an example, but actually I think you should just go and read it.

2) : Is filled with poetry, stories and writing “about” delusions, hallucinations and other experiences.  The poems bounce off the page- don’t be put off if you don’t love poetry- give these a go.

3) : Poems, again- these are thoughtful, insightful poems tagged with phrases like “angry lesbian” , “adventures” and “silly”- how can you resist poems with such broad themes?


Also shouting out – it’s a really interesting project, so if you have any drunk stories to share, have a look and see if you can help out!


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