Anyone who wants to read my next few posts, or any protected posts on this blog, comment here & I’ll sort you out a code via email

13 thoughts on “Protected

      • I am humbled and honored to have you share this part of your life with me.

        Your bravery is astonishing – most people never allow themselves this level of honesty. And, I so totally get the feelings of remorse for the ones hurt – I’m not sure it’s even possible to live and emerge from the chrysalis of our own pain without hurting others.

      • Thank you so much- I am so flattered by your comments.

        And thanks, too, for understanding- it’s hard to live with those feelings but it really helps to know that you know what it’s like. Sometimes I am worried that the things I write are overspill, or that they really are “just me”- but your comments help me get over that hurdle and allow me to be more honest in this blog.

        I appreciate that.

  1. I haven’t learned a whole hell of a lot in (almost) 58 years – but I have learned this. So often our pain and loneliness spiral around the vortex of a single lie: “that no one else on earth thinks or feels as we do.” To begin to see that one is NOT alone can be a major transforming moment of a lifetime!

    Hey! You Rock!

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