Tightrope Walking

I am tightroping at the moment.  On the one hand, this blog is a “showcase” of my alleged writing skills.  On the other, I know from comments that what people (thanks people!!!) like about this blog is honesty, and the vulnerability that comes with that.

What to do?


15 thoughts on “Tightrope Walking

    • Should I keep being honest/ vulnerable? Or do I aim at “good” writing? Can they be the same thing? What on earth is my blog even about?!

      Lots of questions, sorry! 🙂 If I did Twitter it’d probably be something like #latenightdilemmas

      • I loved the twitter comment.
        What do you think of my writing?
        Am I, do I show vulnerability?
        I see my blog about helping others in similar places as I am.
        I have always found that I have to ask myself a couples of questions when I am writing. Am I being honest, forthright, is the statement necessary, or am I writing it to try and manipulate

        I dont give advice, but I would miss your writing if it wasnt here!

      • I love your blog because of the honesty and vulnerability you show.

        And I think your blog is the more relate-able because of that. Which certainly helps.

        I also think it’s well-written- not everything that has the above qualities is equally so…

        I am trying very hard to learn Twitter, 😉

        Thank you for the comments by the way!

      • As long as I remain anonymous, as I hope you are, I dont worry that much. As we say in the rooms, I cant get somebody sober and I cant make em drink

  1. All I know is that I enjoy reading your blog immensely. So, for me at least, whatever it is you’re doing now is a winning formula. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 🙂

  2. I always aim to write as well as I can. Think of that backbeat a strong rhythm section laying down a solid groove. To that sound I leap in, over and over, like a soloist, looking for new ways into my own soul. Sometimes I only succeed in being silly. Sometimes I wonder why the paying customers don’t all turn away. Every once in a great while, I play a note or two everyone can song with.

    You are a bright, courageous soul. Sing the songs you’re meant to sing, and wear a mask the tines you need to, because a sense of safety makes creative play possible.

    • Thank you for your comment and advice 🙂 I love reading your words, so I guess this is good advice to take..!

      Think I was thrown into a doubtful wobble by a lack of things to say, but I guess there are always things to say when we can find them…

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