Mental Health Awareness

Frank Bruno was on TV last night talking about his bipolar disorder, with his daughter.  And Stephen Fry has spoken out.  And the Beeb have been running that series “Don’t Call Me Crazy”.  Having spent time in a teen psych ward myself in the past, part of me is interested to watch it.  And I am really glad for all these things, really glad that people are coming forward and making people more aware.  Yet, I also find it pretty triggering.  I can never decide whether or not I want to watch.  Does that make sense?


6 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness

  1. It completely makes sense. Relating to the difficult experiences of others can really unearth your own emotions. It’s a hard thing to go through all over again. And often times, it reveals some things you’d rather not think about, or maybe weren’t even aware were there.

    I do hope that you can work through this. When I finally started facing the demons of my past, I went through a really dark time. But, once it was all said and done, I felt liberated. I was free of many of the triggers, and didn’t feel like I had to navigate the minefield of my own mind. I felt like I had resolution, and I could finally move forward.

    It’s not to say that I’m not still working through things. I still face triggers I can’t immediately make sense of. But, it’s gotten easier to get to the bottom of it.

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