“I’m Not Crying… “


These were no simple tears: no pretty trickle down one cheek, no light-catching droplets.  These were Alice tears, threatening to drown Wonderland, dropping onto the ground through spread fingers.  These were stretch-mouth tears, distorting tears, reddening tears.  Cartoon tears.  Ugly tears.  Iron and salt tears, tasting of blood and the seaside.  These were tears that fill the stomach, leaving no room for food.  Tears that exhaust to sleeping point.  Small-voiced tears, choked in the throat, making words a gurgle.

These are the kinds of tears nobody wants to notice (and so, naturally, nobody does.)

But I got told my skin looked good.  Salt= exfoliation?


10 thoughts on ““I’m Not Crying… “

  1. This is heartbreaking to read. I agree with wearydearie’s comment. I think you perfectly depicted the most painful kind of crying. This is so well written and relatable….

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