Patronising Psychiatrist Strikes Again

Well, I went to pick up my prescription.  I had been told, quite clearly, by Patronising Psychiatrist that I was to up the aripiprazol (Abilify) but shouldn’t have anti-depressants in case I went ‘high’.  So I expected to find a prescription for more Abilify when I went to my GP’s to pick it up.  But what was there?  A prescription for citalopram (anti-depressant) never once discussed with me.  In fact, as I said, I had been expressly told not to try an SSRI.  What on earth?

Confused, I made an appointment to see a GP who said that they had not received a full report from Patronising Psychiatrist.  They had presumed that the medication had been discussed with me.  It had not.

I know what citalopram is. I am happy enough to take it.  But what if I were ‘vulnerable’ in some way?  Didn’t know what it was?  Took it blindly on good faith?

The GP actually laughed at how ridiculous it was.  She said “take it anyway.  It’ll make your life easier.”  So I may as well, I suppose.  But if anything goes wrong, Patronising Psychiatrist can expect a strongly worded letter…

God I’m British.


14 thoughts on “Patronising Psychiatrist Strikes Again

  1. Advocating for yourself is not solely British, it is smart!!!!! I know from a patronizing psychiatrist……as I cried more and more and had suicidal ideation, he increase my meds to full capacity and told me to keep taking Xanax as needed to fight those feelings. “It is like a coat when you are cold, just put on another layer.” Well, finally I could stand it no longer and asked to be removed from the drug that caused the reaction I had never had on SSRIs. He took me from 300 mg one day to a different drug the next day. My skin felt like it was crawling and I could not stop crying. Two weeks later, I ended up in a hospital. My GP guessed and said that of course that would happen. I then had to find a new doctor and spent the next hellish 6 weeks detoxing and retrying and adjusting to new meds.
    We need doctors who can hear us instead of thinking that they are Almighty G-d.

    • \That sounds like an absolute nightmare!!! What kind of terrible psychiatrist does that? Anyone knows you can’t just reduce a dose dramatically like that! Ridiculous.

      Absolutely, we need doctors who listen and respond to what they’ve heard, rather than guessing that they know.

  2. I have to say after MANY psychotic psychiatrists, I have the great fortune of finding a damn good one. He listens, knows what he is doing and keeps track of my progress (or lack of). I finally feel better than I have in years. In fact I had forgotten the sun actually shines. If you have to keep looking do so, there are still good ones out there somewhere. 🙂

  3. Yikes! My psychiatrist will usually write me out a prescription to pick up at the hospital to cover my buns until my GP has it on his records. And we discuss very carefully what to take. :s I do go behind his back to get it changed to extended release though, ’cause I don’t want to be a zombie all the time.

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  5. Not exactly on the same line…but…I was awe struck by a possibly incompetent psychiatrist when it was recommended to quit my lamictal & neurontin right before last holiday. I did, like a good guinea pig & had the worst emotional tear down that I had in a lot of years and w/my insurance I can only c her every 3 months. I wonder about these people in charge of our health but quick to dismiss our concerns because, I swear, it feels like a barricade gets put up as soon as i say “manic depression” really bites!!!!! Sorry for rambling on your stream 😦 Well, i’m glad you are staying informed & on the ball w/your medications….we are the only ones who can do it for ourselves. (hope u are enjoying your weekend)

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