My granddad died.  I haven’t processed it, to write.  But I can’t write nothing.


19 thoughts on “Death

    • I agree…so sorry for your loss. I’ve never lost an immediate family member. I believe when that time comes I will understand what you mean. Although I don’t want to identify with this kind of loss ever.:( It’s never easy to say good bye “forever”… However, we all have our time sadly. I hope this inspires something that you feel you want to take hold of that is positive. Sometimes a life ending, makes us realize what we could/should do with who knows what time we have left. Kind of incredible that you have touched so many ppl that they reach out to you in times of suffering…words matter. Feelings matter. Just say what you need to when you are ready. Take care…

  1. I am so sorry Becky. It is heartwrenching. My mother passed at the end of April and my grandmother passed the last day of May. It hurts every day. It is hard to process and definitely is not easy to grieve. But there are no time limits for mourning.

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