My Point of Balance Was Askew

I don’t need an education
I learned all I need from you
They’ve got me on some medication
My point of balance was askew
– Garbage, Medication

I stopped taking two of my medications.  I see them as auxiliary medications, as my “main one” is the mood stabiliser.  Still, I have been unwise and, as a friend pointed out today, if experience has taught me anything I should know not to med-dle.

The truth?  I can’t actually afford to stay on the meds.  The other truth? I feel fine.  I know I feel fine because of my drugged up state.  I know that I think much more clearly with the anti-psychotics unclogging my brain.  When they started working I felt like a plughole with the hair suddenly yanked out of it…  I felt clear.  So I know how important it is to stay medicated.  But something in me wants to let go.  I am a child riding a bike without stabilisers.  I am a mountaineer scaling without a harness.

I am free.

I am dangerous.

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