Sunday Share 7: Blogs I Enjoy

So again it’s been a little while.  August and September have been quiet months for me, blog-wise and I have to admit I haven’t been reading as much as I usually do.  Soon to be rectified.  Until then, here are some blogs I enjoy reading, and here is an apology for it being technically Tuesday now and therefore not a Sunday share at all.


madaboutyoulady: writes an interesting blog about “daily life, this and that” which is worth a read.  I like her recent “days of gratitude” series.  I have to admit there’s also a bit of cheeky lesbian erotica that’s pretty appealing to read 😉

amediablogger: creates some honest, interesting writing from everyday life.

and finally,

kjpgarchia: writes some very fine poetry.  Have a look.


Sorry for not being as descriptive as usual, I’m feeling tired and scrambled and should really be in bed.


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