Once, the Jobcentre sent me on a course, an Employability Course.  During the session we were given the following question, posed to us as a riddle.

Q.  A dog is tied to a tree.  100m away there is a pond.  The dog is thirsty but the rope he is tied to is only 50m long.  He cannot reach the water.  What does he do?

After much struggling and searching, we had to give up.  They told us the answer:

A. Nothing.  The dog gives up and dies.

What kind of a lesson is that?  The outcome of the course was that I “needed further assessment to help understand what skills for work are required.”



19 thoughts on “Employability

  1. Is that story is true. It’s a cruel and cynic story. Even though, it’s a fact that a lot of dogs give in and die due to conditioning. It isn’t their fault and they shouldn’t be tied up in the first place.
    The more feral ones will fight and bite through their leash or rope. Or they will bite off their paw. They survive, no matter what.
    If a job centre would come up with a question like that in the first place they would have to answer to my nasty feral side.

  2. Mocht je vragen hebben over de nederlandse taal dan moet je het maar zeggen. Als ik kan, dan help ik je graag. Engels beheers ik vrij goed. Maar zou het ook leuk vinden als je me daar mee helpt.

      • Cool, I loved to comment on your story. But, correct me if I’m wrong, your not native dutch? And my stories are still readable in my language for you? Or do you have help with google translate? I am just curious. And intrigued perhaps.

      • Nederlands is mijn tweede taal, ik leerde op school in nederland toen ik tien was (woonde toen maar 1 jaar in nederland), oefende een beetje met mijn oma, en dan woonde weer in nederland toen ik 22 was… does that make sense?

        Your stories are still readable 🙂 just takes me more time to absorb them than it would if I was reading them in English. I also have a sneaky dictionary to hand…

      • It makes perfect sense. It still is special that you remain a connection with your second language.
        I appreciate that.

        I only find it unreal that somebody, who is far away, reads my stories and can understand them.
        I just saw an entry from UK, and that makes me wander also. Who is the reader and why?

        Anyway, I am honoured to have you among my readers.

        Have fun and stay feral in the positive way,


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