A post I wrote quite a while ago. Re-posting because it got a good response, and it was probably one of my favourite things I posted… And, and, and, I have writer’s block. Sigh.

Only See Your Good Side

It’s not the cards you’re dealt; it’s how you play them.


It was Gay Pride in London this weekend.  It got me thinking: I am not so much proud of what I am, as I should be of who I am.  I made a placard, Lesbian Since 1987.  The idea is that being gay, mixed race, bipolar, whatever, are things that come quite naturally to me.  Effortless.  Whereas: I work to be a writer, I train to do half marathons, I have worked my arse off for academic stuff.  Those are acheivements, the things I should be proud of gaining or creating, with, through, or sometimes despite the things that I “am.”  I would rather be proud of who I become, than what I started out as.

So here we go.  I’m on it, peeps!

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