So.  327 people follow this blog now!  That seems inconceivable, from a tiny 12-view month last December, to over 6,000 views now.  It’s been nearly a year I’ve had this blog and blogging has been a really interesting experience for me.  It’s been inspiring reading so many different blogs, seeing so many articles, poems, posts and pictures: if I follow your blog, it is because I do take the time to read it and look at your posts.

I also feel like I’ve made some great connections in the “blogosphere”, with people who share similar experiences, are going through similar things.  It’s a good feeling, knowing that there are people “out there” who understand, even if sometimes I wouldn’t wish it on anyone to have to understand certain things.  I’m so tempted to do a “shout-out” thing here, as there are definitely some blogs that have made a big difference to me.  But I’m so scared I’ll forget someone that I better not.

So yeah.  Thanks everyone, please keep writing, and I’ll keep reading, and we’ll all be merry and bright, as the song goes.

🙂 Love B.

***Edit, you know what?  Here are some blogs I really enjoy.  I am sure to have left some people out and am genuinely sorry, these are people I have spoken to the most lately.








And one of my latest favourite blogs:

honestspeaks.wordpress.com , check it out!


10 thoughts on “327

  1. Thank you for the shout-out Becky! I love your blog, too. In fact, I am just about to write a post about it (provided the little one stays asleep long enough). Is that ok? I want to include a couple of your poems from soundcloud…. I won’t publish it unless/until you approve! x

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