To Add

The wonderful Jen Wilson guested for me last time with an article on Talking to Mental Health Professionals or, rather, how mental health professionals should be talking to their clients.  Compassion, reliability and some measure of insight feature high up on the list of helpful qualities.  Today, I have something to add.

Read the notes!  I am absolutely sick of seeing doctors who haven’t actually read my notes.  Today I saw one who had no idea I had bipolar, or any history prior to September.  It was not helpful.  

Each person, well or unwell, in any circumstance, has a narrative.  That narrative can be linear, circular, balanced, interrupted, curved, clear, blurry… but every person has one.  In terms of medical notes, there is really only one form of narrative: linear, note-formed and sketchy.  But it is there to be used, and I am there to fill in the blanks where the narrative fails.  Do your job- read the notes- then ask me what else you need to know.  I am NOT there to recant every single moment of my mental health history for the last 13 years.

You should have read that.


10 thoughts on “To Add

      • I’m sorry you’ve been really low. Are you back on your meds? Why no professional help? What’s happening with the course at goldsmiths?
        I’ve been having a tough few days at work both but in general I’m doing good thanks xx

      • Glad you’re generally good. Will work get back to normal? I’m back on the meds more or less… Have been to see two doctors and both of them were unbelievably unhelpful and didn’t even suggest a referral, so I don’t think I’ll be seeing them again unless things get worse… Haven’t heard back about Goldsmiths yet but I’m due to go back to Kent to finish my original MA in January :-/ *dread*… xx

      • What’s your MA in?
        I’m sorry you’ve had difficulties with your Dr’s. I hope things get better for you soon. What do you mean you’re back on your meds more or less 😉
        Work will be fine my clients have been really hard heart wrenching cases and I think this is why work has been taking its toll. I need to find a healthy outlet rather than internalising everything I hear and see. Believe it or not I’m not great at talking about the deep stuff that hurts. Thanks for asking xx

      • You’re welcome. I know what you mean about internalising rather than outletting (healthily) the deep stuff. It must be really hard.

        My MA is in English Lit 🙂 I started it last September but I got ill at the start of the year and had to take 2013 out…

        As to the meds, I need to draw myself up a timetable again is all I can say :p xx

      • I hope you draw up a med timetable soon, it will help with the MA course completion. It’s exciting to think you’ve got something nice to focus on in the new year.
        As for internalising it’s certainly not healthy but I see so much sadness on a daily basis sometimes it gets to much I become an irritable person to be around 😎 xx

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