I have returned to University after a period away (due to bipolar, hospitalisations, etc).  I haven’t had a seminar yet, but I have a lot of reading to do: I am sitting here amidst books and papers, a pencil behind my ear- pretentious, I know- and the smile that only a bit of procrastination can bring.  I also have an electronic cigarette.  In the library, craving a smoke to the point where my teeth hurt, I had suddenly had enough of it and decided to head to town for an alternative.  And I feel better for it.

I need to face this year with determination, but also with an acknowledgement that I am not superhuman.  I can’t go for days sleepless because I have an essay due.  I can’t read The Waste Land and obsess over it to the point where it lines my walls.  I can’t do better than I can do.  Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t live as close to the uni as I did before…

My housemates are nice.  They are only nineteen.  Two of them have the same name as me, while one has my middle name as a first name.  Weird, hey?


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