I’m seeing a woman at the moment.  She is smart, musical, funny and beautiful.  We get on really well, and had been friends before (I posted about her before under the name X).  So what’s the story here?

She’s seeing a guy.  It’s not cheating: he knows about me and I know about him.  I’m not 100% sure they are actually seeing each other at the moment but she’s more or less expressed that she’d like it to be that way, and has a history with him.

I think I feel fine with this.  She says I’m the only woman she wants to be with, and I don’t want anyone else either.  So in a roundabout way, it is an essentially monogamous relationship, as far as it can be with three people involved.  (Unluckily for the bloke, I guess, I have no feelings whatsoever towards men).

This may seem like a strange set-up.  My friends think it’s difficult, and wonder why I don’t mind.  My mum says it’s fine.  I think it’s pretty much OK, and starting out this openly from the outset (I hope) spares broken hearts through future dishonesties.

I think I might still be interested in different women, but we’ll cross that bridge- truthfully- when it comes to it.


5 thoughts on “Polyamory

  1. I agree with the other comment – so long as the people involved are being honest with each other and are all happy with the arrangement, that’s all that matters.

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