Happy Birthday

We live to dance another day
It’s just now we have to dance
For one more of us
-Frank Turner

A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine died.  He was 26.  Today would have been his birthday (thank you, Facebook).  I remember this time about 5 years ago, making his birthday cake while my housemates spraypainted images of his face on our T-shirts for his surprise party.  He was young, and serious and fun, and his face of surprise when we leapt up at De Doos and congratulated him was priceless.  A couple of years later he married the girl he met on our Erasmus year, and they were happy.  And then he died.  No warning, and no actual reason.  He was in the flat alone in Berlin, and his heart stopped and that was all.  His brother found him.

I remember after he died, promising myself I wouldn’t waste my life.  That I would always appreciate my friends, and tell them so frequently, honestly and as a matter of fact, to remind them that they are special and have futures and are beautiful.  I have kept that one up.  I need to make sure the first happens, too.

Love today to Felix’s family, and to Eylul, and to Felix, wherever he might be.


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