Samaritans Text Line


Their website isn’t actually advertising this yet but I think it’s important to know.  The Samaritans has a number, above, that you can text rather than ‘phoning them.  


– It can be good to talk to somebody without using your voice.  If you are scared someone will overhear, or you are uncomfortable on the ‘phone for whatever reason, it’s an easier way to get in touch.

– They remember your details, so you don’t have to explain the same thing over and over again each time you text.  They keep your texts like a story, so that they can refer back to things you’ve said before.

– You can “talk” on the go.


– It can take them quite a long time to get back to you.  This can be difficult if you need an immediate reply or are in danger.  I would recommend calling rather than waiting for a text response in that case.



9 thoughts on “Samaritans Text Line

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    This post has been showing up A LOT in my recently viewed posts, so I am posting it again. For anyone who wants to talk to the Samaritans but feels uncomfortable on the phone or by e-mail, here is a way of contacting them.

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  3. Hello there I have used this service on and off as im being abused by neighbours with council landlords consent. I have found difficulty with this text service because various volunteers have not read my text reply to them before replying to me the next time. When they asked me about feeling in limbo I told them the reason. They replied “that’s good news.” Uh..where does such lack of attention leave a person in crisis?

    • I tried using the Samaritans phone line some years ago and was left hanging on the line while they decided who best to speak to me. They were totally useless, saying they didn’t know what to do or say and as a result I attempted to take my own life. It’s always better to talk to a best friend or family member if humanly possible.

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