This guy, I think, is arrogant and awful.  He doesn’t want to give me adequate painkillers.  He doesn’t want to give me sleeping pills.  He is annoyed that I want my medication written up properly and he is annoyed that he has to do his job.  I am annoyed that I am stuck in a room with his arrogance and awfulness and I respond in kind with prickliness and irritation.  He is a doctor and I am on a psych. ward.  I dislike him.

A day later, I am sat in the lounge in an (un)fair amount of pain.  I have my leg crookedly propped over the chair.  He rushes over.
“How is your leg?” he asks.
“Elevated.” I say.
“It isn’t really,” he says.
Oh here we go, I think.  I’m in trouble with this…
“Do you want a thing?” He asks, running over to get the footstall from the other side of the room.  Abruptly, haltingly, he says:  “I hope you’ll feel better soon.  Take care.”  

He is blushing and looking very socially awkward.  He walks off at alarming speed.  I suddenly feel a bit guilty.  He isn’t actually arrogant, or awful.  He doesn’t actually dislike me for no reason.  He probably doesn’t even hate his job.  He is just a pretty awkward person.  I have met many socially awkward people (academia) and probably, I am one sometimes.  I have been about as judgemental as I assumed he was being, just because he is a doctor and has a pretty useless bedside manner.

I guess the moral of this little story is, social awkwardness is easily mistaken for rudeness.  I should know this.  I suppose the moral of this story is… give people more than half a chance.  They might halfway surprise you.


5 thoughts on “Awkward

  1. There is always the other option too. That he could have been having a bad day the other times. Granted it’s still no excuse. An above everyone else, a doctor should not let that get to them. But their still human. I’ll be it, not the greatest sorts. I’m not trying to defend his actions, more trying to ease your mind

    • Thanks- you’re right, he could well have been having a crap day and just come across all wrong. He should have acted differently on it, granted, but we’ve all been there. I’m feeling generous…

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