I was brought up Catholic. I was confirmed in the Church last year, but I’m agnostic. I still haven’t worked out in what or in whom I believe, except in a vague pantheistic sort of way.  But  I have always believed, unflinchingly, in the existence of a Soul.  I believe everybody has one, however corrupted, however perfect.   Last year, when my grandparents died, I had a sudden thought.  It must be horrible for people who don’t believe in the afterlife.  I felt awful for my Dad, who doesn’t believe in religion at all.   This made me realise that in some ways, I do believe in some form of life after death.  That the Soul I believe in is something permanent, outliving the body.  It seems impossible to me that a Soul wouldn’t outlive a body that lasts such a short time.  Whether this outliving takes place in heaven, or in a future, reincarnated life, or as a presence in a house, a shadow in a reflection, I don’t know.  Somebody I know told me that energy never dies.  It only converts.  I think all people have a central energy, that animates and motivates them, that makes them whole.  And that this is something beyond brain cells and nerve endings.  If that energy can only convert, where does it go to?


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