My scribblesI made this picture at my very saddest, in 2011.  I used to keep scrapbooks all the time as a teenager and in 2011 when things were going badly I decided to try it again.  I would cut up tiny squares of colourful paper, pick parts from magazines and add song lyrics that had stuck in my head. They are mainly here:

This one I made with felt tips during a 36-hour Creative Writing Marathon at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival.  I wanted there to be something bright for all the darkness clinging to me at that time.  So I sat and coloured in squares, a few each hour, until I had a felt-tip mosaic.

I’ve never managed to do it again, nor keep another scrapbook since, but at the time it was a good thing to do.  In the middle of bad things there’s brightness.  In the middle of dim times, there’s hope.


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