Something Nice

Tonight I arrived back in Canterbury.  On the way up the road I made space for a man on a mobility scooter.  I popped into Londis, got some bread and started walking (still on crutches) up the slope, home.  As I passed the bus-stop, the man on the mobility scooter called out.  We had a chat about what happened to my leg, and how hard it is to pull your body weight around on your shoulders.  His name is J, he has cerebral palsy.  He asked why I didn’t just wait for the bus instead of walking all the way up the hill.  I thought about it a second, and said that the 21 only goes 1 stop closer to mine.  He said yeah, but it’ll save you part of the walk.  So I got on the bus and asked the driver how much to the next stop.  The driver asked where I live, and how long I had been waiting.  I told him and instead of pulling up at the next stop, he took me further up to the traffic lights- the closest he could get to my house- and told me not to worry about the fare.


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