Old Ch

On the general ward, I met an elderly French lady called Ch.  (She signed one text Old Ch, that title isn’t me being ageist!)  She was in with heart problems and quite ill.  We shared magazines and stories.  We texted a few times and then she stopped texting back and I was worried and sad that something had happened.  Then the other day, on the off-chance, I sent a text asking how she was.  She sent one back saying, “sorry to have been so remiss.  Your text made a bad day better.”  

She asked for my address, and is going to send a letter.  

This is the second positive encounter of the week with people I have met in hospital.  In the lovely words of Kate Nash: “Can’t take back those hours/ but I won’t regret, ’cause you can grow flowers/ from where/ dirt used to be.”  Hospitals are rough places but that doesn’t mean you can’t make friends.


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