Chocolate Is Good For You

So last night I did the weirdest thing ever.  I went for hot chocolate, in the city centre, on a Friday night!  I mean, really?  The cup felt all the wrong shape and I couldn’t get my head round the fact that I was sitting there, with a group of blokes older than me, and we were all sipping hot beverages, and nobody was holding a pint glass.  And actually, I had a really good time.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Is Good For You

  1. I remember sitting in a cafe with a tea one evening after a meeting and outside there was a raging brawl that had fallen out a local chain pub. The guy next to me sipped his tea and said. “Do you think we should wander over and offer to buy them all tea?” Everyone laughed. I was quiet new around and just thought I’m here not there … here is where I want to be.

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