Things I Do Not Need In My Life

… Homophobic shit.

I met a guy on a bus ages ago, he seemed nice. I bumped into him in Poundland about a month later and we exchanged numbers.  We’ve been arranging to meet up for a friendly coffee or a chat, and exchanging general texts.  Anyway, today he sent me a text saying he didn’t expect anything from me, and wasn’t trying it on, just wanted to be friendly.  So I sent one back saying “I’m not into men.”  Just to be clear.  I then received a barrage of texts talking about how he didn’t agree with my “lifestyle choice” but was a friendly person, though eventually God would be my judge.  “I don’t have to agree with someone’s irreligious lifestyle choices to be friendly,” he said.  I sent a text back saying “You seem like a nice guy but I don’t need someone in my life who disagrees with my lifestyle.  It isn’t a choice.  Just the way I am.”  He sent a text saying that God is the judge, not him.  But of course, he is judging me.  I feel angry and upset that I am having to deal with this homophobic shit, from someone who doesn’t even really recognise that he is being homophobic.  I hate that men think they will be able to change my sexuality with a pint, or enough “friendly” comments.  I hate that this still happens now, today, in the U.K. I hate that some people will think it was my fault for exchanging numbers with a guy: I should be able to give my number to whoever I want without worrying that they will send me a homophobic text message.  Most guys aren’t like that; I should be allowed to exchange my number with anyone without expecting that kind of reception.  I shouldn’t have to fear that when I “come out” to people they will respond in that way.  I know that a lot worse happens, every day, but this happened to me today, so I am updating about it. I hate this kind of nonsense, and am now feeling really fed up, so going to leave this post for now.


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