Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is when the muscles that relax in your sleep don’t wake up when you do.  It leaves you temporarily “paralysed” despite your mind being awake.  You can open your eyes, and your dreams continue to play out around you.  It generally happens when you are waking up, but can also happen as you are falling asleep.  I’ve had it a lot lately and it can be horrible.  Last night I saw my walls covered in blood while the Serenity Prayer was repeated over and over.  I remember trying desperately not to fall back into sleep, trying to wave my limbs around to keep myself awake but finally falling back, stuck in it, caught up in it.  When I did fall asleep (into normal sleep) I had horrible dreams in which I nearly killed a man.  All in all, a horrible night.

Happily I was saved by the Ostriches of Portsmouth.


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