While Writing My Dissertation

I will not:

* Wait for the laptop screen to go dark and then use it as a mirror to put lipstick on

* Think obsessively about
1) cigarettes
2) alcohol
3) the weather
4) girls
5) the physical process of handing the dissertation in
6) AA
7) the football

* Write poetry.  Especially bad poetry.

* Write in my journal more than once a session.

* Read irrelevant (even if enjoyable) things.

* Watch the Haunted Door of the building opposite, which opens and closes without apparent prompting.

* Leave the carrel forgetting my crutches

* Leave the carrel to smoke, chat to librarians, drink more coffee than is strictly necessary.

* Forget to eat or drink.

* Daydream.

* Write just because I like the look of my own handwriting.

* Keep writing about things I should not be doing.

10 thoughts on “While Writing My Dissertation

  1. Lol I did so many of these things during my dissertation. I also started my blog whilst in the library writing my diss – that was the biggest time waster of all! Good luck with it – it’s a great feeling when you hand it in.

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