One Day at a Time

People keep telling me to chill out and just take things one day at a time, stop projecting into the future.  This is driving me mad at the moment because at the moment, there is a lot of future to plan.  I finish my dissertation in ten days, provided all goes to plan and I peel myself away from WordPress tonight.  After that I’ll be what?  Moving back to London?  Staying with R?  Getting a job?  Starting uni at Goldsmiths?  I don’t have time to waste waiting for the answer to come to me.  If the answer doesn’t come before I’m due to move out of here?  What then?  One day at a time I don’t drink.  One day at a time I take my medication.  One day at a time I try to do the right things.  But you can’t move house on the understanding that it’s just for one day at a time, you can’t embark upon a Masters one day at a time (especially not when it costs 5 grand!) and you can’t plausibly live your whole life just one day at a time.  So I become increasingly frustrated, I become increasingly desperate for practical advice and I find myself increasingly feeling like I’m being squashed under the weight of all the decisions that need to be made, not one day at a time, but permanently or semi-permanently.  One day at a time is a lovely philosophy, it really is.  And I would love to live my life with the freedom that it implies.  But in reality?  It just isn’t plausible.

9 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. no kidding!

    remember – we cannot know the future, so we make the best decisions we can with the limited insight we have! don’t let them paralyze you (probably advice I need more than you! LOL)

  2. And yet, here it comes…one day…at a time. Stand tall, await each moment, and then like a wave, feel the rush when it hits you full on, lifts you slightly, pulls you gently, and then ebbs away from you like you just weren’t expecting it, although you were. Now hurry up and breathe before another day comes!

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