200 Words on Liking Things

Over a month ago, I gave up pressing the “Like” button on Facebook.  Instead, I determined to comment on posts that I liked, to make a connection with the people I was “liking”.  It’s so, so easy to click “Like” all the time: statuses and profile pics and cover photos and pictures of the nephews of people you don’t even know.  It’s too easy.  It means that you can never really be sure if someone’s “Like” is genuine, or if they have just skimmed their page and had a blanket “Like” session.  It also means that you end up feeling offended if someone doesn’t like your status/ profile pic/ cover photo/ picture of nephew.

So I gave it up.

It is:

(a) rewarding
(b) hard work,

to have given up pushing that button.

I am trying to do a similar thing with WordPress.  On WordPress, I will always click “Like” if I like something because I realise that that’s how blogs get more followers.  But I also try to comment more on posts I have liked.  That might mean that it seems like I say the same things a lot- but it’s better than not commenting at all, right?

That said, Please Like This!


10 thoughts on “200 Words on Liking Things

  1. what a good idea. I forgot to tell you that I really liked your extract in the Kent Review and hope your writing is continuing and flourishing while you settle in to Goldsmiths. Please seek out my friend Adwait Singh- who is also there and on my friends in Facebook.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m really glad you liked my extract, writing is going amazingly since I started at Goldsmiths. Think I just needed that kick up the arse to get myself going! I will seek out your friend x

    • I often “like” when I’m not sure what to say, just to let people know I have read and appreciated their posts (realise I do this with you a fair amount!) But I always appreciate comments, and so I try to give them back.


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