“Today is the Greatest”

This time last year I was sure I would be joining the 27s club (Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley… I assumed I would be just as dead but substantially less talented). Today, I feel like my life has only just started.

I have been trying not to post “general updates” but right now I feel like one is needed.  After the news about my MA, things actually just keep getting better.

I’ve been doing training for my university’s helpline (like the Samaritans, but student-run).  Today they told me that if I keep doing as I’m doing, there is no reason I wouldn’t be selected as a volunteer.  The job would be so difficult, but so rewarding.  As an undergraduate, I used the same helpline a number of times and was able to talk through some really difficult situations.  It feels great to be in a space where I’m able to give back, as cheesy as that may sound.

I’ve also been selected to cover two articles for the uni’s magazine: one about my friend’s band, Fiend Fatale, and one about the coverage of celebrity Mental Health issues, and stigma around mental health issues in general.  As may be evidenced by some of my more ranty posts, I have passionate views about this, and it’s a privilege to be allowed to express some of them- tactfully!- for an audience.

Between times, I intend to eat and sleep and live otherwise sensibly, to ensure that I don’t overload the way I did in 2012/13.  I have hopes, but I think they’re realistic.  There’s a lot to be said for realistic hope.


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