Reality Checking

Something needs to change.

I know this as I lift the glass to my mouth.  I tapped my sponsor a text because I couldn’t face the conversation.

I think I can drink moderately… I’m gonna try that.  I’m really sorry, and not trying to be a dick.  I just reckon I can do it myself and be OK.

Was I lying?


14 thoughts on “Reality Checking

  1. When you go to a bar or pub or restaurant, whatever, try ordering a bottle of non-alcoholic Becks. Because then you’re “drinking” but won’t get drunk.. I know it’s not the same, obviously, I am in no way trying to insult your intelligence, but there are ways around this.

    Or order a cranberry juice (something which I never have at home so it feels like a “going out” drink) and get one of those swizzle sticks to mix it, and a straw, and everyone will assume that there’s vodka in it. So again, you’re “drinking” with friends, but not risking relapse.

    Just some ideas, I know how brave your decision is, but only you know how strong you are. Let me know how you get on hun, best of luck xx

    • Thanks lovely 🙂

      I will give your suggestions a go… I already relapsed, about a week ago, and have been drinking daily since then. I’m a bit confused by the whole thing…

      I don’t know if I’m strong anymore.


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