I had a preliminary interview with an agency that sets people up for internships.  My CV has been put through to a major literary agency.  Eight people have been put through and in the end the agent will choose about four to interview.  Then I need to impress her and try my hardest to get the internship.  It would be perfect for me.

I also had an interview as a teaching assistant.  I basically got onto the agency’s books, all I need is a DRB check and to sort out my references, and I will be suggested to schools, possibly taken on, and then teaching English to secondary school students.  Both possibilities are exciting but obviously I would rather be training as a literary agent.  It’s so me.

In any case, things are looking up.

In terms of my course, I have to say that I am struggling.  Everyone else is a teacher and I don’t come from that background.  When I applied for the course, I thought it might be something I would be getting in to, that the creative aspects of teaching would be something I could learn from.  Now, I can’t lie, I would prefer to have done a straight creative writing course and it’s too late to change.  I won’t get the grade I want for this course and it upsets me (perfectionist).  Today I have class and I feel singularly uninspired by the prospect.  This isn’t how it should be.

I had my tutorial regarding the creative writing aspect of the course and it went well.  Apparently I have both voice and style, and simply need to work out what exactly my characters want.  I am getting there.

I can’t afford to let things slide or fall apart.  Not at this point, at this stage in my life.  I need something stable, something I can latch onto and enjoy.  I have never had a job I wanted, or liked, excluding the voluntary roles I have held.  I have never really had an aim in life besides the desire to work with books in some capacity.  I need to convey that passion and make a reality of my dreams.


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