A-Z Challenge: K is for Keith Jarrett

As suggested by the lovely Jazztraveller, who’s blog on all things Jazz is opening my eyes.

I had never heard of Keith Jarret before he was suggested to me, so I fear I have little to say.  For that reason, I am going to do a free-write to his beautiful song Pretty Ballad, which is indeed pretty, and maybe a little of Blue Streak.  So far I am enjoying his music, tripping from moment to moment in a casual, calming and quite beautiful way.  What’s not to like?

Now to the free-write:


exercise of fingers on keys
dropping like tear-fall

i am five

my father spins vinyl
leans back breathes
the notes on the air
his dark skin sheened
with the love of the music

i am sixteen

i write notes that can’t be played
i fall into the trap of words

in the car, cassettes roll
bring me back to five
back to jazz
back to Ireland

the unspoken

i am twenty-eight

my brother strings tunes together
dropping like tear-fall
or laughter
from his arched fingers

i cannot play
but i feel beauty

i cannot play
but i live by the beats

I’m thinking of writing “L is for Love” but any other suggestions are more than welcome.  First come first served 😉


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