Bizarre Encounter

As a treat, my girlfriend and I ordered sushi for dinner yesterday.  When I opened the door for the delivery guy, the conversation went as follows:

Him: Hello, how was your day?
Me: Good thanks, it was my day off.  How was yours?
Him: Good thanks.  What do you do.
Me: I’m a mental health worker.
Him: Ah, do you know Mercy?
Me: What?
Him: Mercy.  She’s a black girl.
Me: er… no.
Him: She works in mental health.  She’s a nurse.
Me: OK…
Him: But she’s a very stupid girl.  I don’t like her.
Me: OK…
Him: I saw her at the gym and she said, OK, next time I see you I’ll give you my number.  So she gave me her number and I texted her a few times but she never replied.  Then my phone was broken, so I don’t know if she ever texted back.
Me: Right…
Him: Then I saw her again at the gym and I said, hi, how are you?  And she went to the gym manager and told him that I had offended her.  So I told him this story and he said, OK.  I said, don’t tell her you know.  It might make her feel stupid.  So I just apologised, I said, I’m sorry if what I said to you upset you.  And she said, OK.  Did I do the wrong thing?
Me: It doesn’t sound like it.
Him: Thank you.  Thank you so much.  Have a lovely evening, sorry for telling you all this.
Me: It’s OK.
Him: It’s OK?  Great, amazing!  Thank you!

Then he left.


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