The letter is sad, in a way.  No “stay in touch”, no further questions.  This, unlike all the other ends, is truly an ending.

But I got what I wanted: acceptance.  Forgiveness.  An acknowledgement that not all that happened was my fault.

We’ve both grown, both changed.  With the distance of years and miles, we’ve been able to look at everything with the benefit of hindsight.  Neither of us come up blameless but neither of us come off as villains either.  We’re just people.

Fallible, selfish people with the endless potential to learn from the mistakes we made.


5 thoughts on “Closure

  1. We all have to take responsibility for what happens to us. Even if your part in the terrible life that was is simply you didn’t leave. You didn’t walk away, never mind the fear that kept you there, you did stay, and by doing so you allowed it (whatever” it” is) to continue. I cryptically speak of me, myself my own choice, one I felt I didn’t have, but mine. For me I fought with, it was your fault! You facilitated the situation. But by accepting if I was stronger, older, braver it may have been a different story. But it is how you move forward, by agreeing that there was something I could have done differently.
    If mental health is the beast that lurks, as bipolar is for my sister, you have to say “if I found help, searched for councillors, was more outspoken, brave enough, strong enough, educated enough” Things may have been controlled earlier, recognised sooner and dealt with better. Never mind that you couldn’t no more than I could. Just putting your hands up and taking responsibility for our own demon’s, helps. Your blog is smashing, be proud and I am glad I popped by. Happy Sunday

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