The first day I started at my job, I walked into a newsagents and bought a packet of chewing gum.  I started up a conversation with the guy behind the till.  As the days, weeks, months of my employment grew longer, we continued to have our brief chats: I was buying chocolate; I was buying chewing gum; I was buying wine.  Today I had to walk somewhere and it had really begun to rain.  He called me in to the shop.  “Becks,” he said, “where are you going?”  I told him.  “Oh wait there, I’ve got an umbrella,” he replied.  “Don’t you need it?” I asked him.

“Becks, mate,” he pointed out, “I ain’t got no hair.  Bring it back when you’re done, yeah?”

4 thoughts on “Umbrella

  1. That story is short and sweet, but if you think about it, it’s full of layers, deeper meaning. (It’s probably not fiction, but it reminds me of some really well written flash fiction.) You should submit it as such. Bravo!

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