Something I wrote on the tube.


6 thoughts on “Depths

      • That’s a big question…well I’ve literally nearly drowned in a suicide attempt way, and metaphorically felt like I’ve been emotionally drowning for about two and a half years. I’m two and a half years into my breakdown after recovering my childhood abuse memories, have attempted suicide and been hospitalised three times, BUT I truly am on my way up again. I never thought it was possible, truly, but it’s happening so PLEASE HAVE HOPE. In answer to your question, no you can never be quite the same person, but I visualise it in my head that life is a circle, so we are always moving in some direction. Life is in motion. We feel e-motion. It’s hard to make any sense of life when we’re in pain, the sense only really comes after the pain has lessened. I have written similarly desperate pieces of writing in the midst of my breakdown, but they were just moments in time, and now I’m living other moments with other associated emotions. I hope this helps. Please write back if you have more questions. *hugs*

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