Little Things That Kill

​In maintaining stable mental health, it is often the little things that trip us up.  I am about to run out of medication.  Have I ordered some new?  No.  This is a regular problem for me, one from which you would think I would have learned.  Yet I know it’s not just me- time and again on WordPress I read about other people doing the same!  Let alone remembering to actually take it once you have it…
For a long time after I left university, I refused to read my council tax bills.  They scared me so much that I would leave them, unopened, on top of the fridge.  Eventually, as is to be expected, I ended up with an enormous bill, some of which I wasn’t even eligible to pay.  It took a lot of untangling to eventually come to a conclusion about what I owed or didn’t, because by the time I got around to the untangling it had all gone very, very far.

These are just a couple of examples of things I hope I will one day be in danger of taking for granted.  Already now, I check my post regularly- even if it looks boring or scary.  I try hard to remember to order meds, though this is a true sticking point for me.  In other words, I try to exercise tiny amounts of what I once saw as “grown-upness” and now simply call wellness. Something I work hard at and am very grateful to have.

But please.  If you live with, or love, or know someone with a mental health problem, remember that the things you see as small or obvious may not be so for them.  Try to be as supportive as you can (my mum sorted out that council tax bill.  My partner reminds me to order new meds).  Don’t get frustrated.  Think about all the things you find boring or stressful or worrying, and try to understand. 

Above all, as ever, be kind.  Once you make up your mind to be kind, the rest will come naturally.


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