Sleeveless: my new adventure

As some of you know, and some of you don’t, I have pretty extensive scarring on my arms and legs from a history of self-harm. For years, in various situations, I have felt the need to hide my scars. I have been ashamed, or worried of what other people would think of me, or simply […]

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2 thoughts on “Sleeveless: my new adventure

  1. Yes! Good for you. I’ve noticed that people generally don’t comment on my arms (for numerous reasons) – and if they do, it’s because they feel sad about it and want to give me a cuddle, and we end up having a good chat about mental health. However, I always have a couple of witty come-backs stored up my non-existent sleeve to throw in the faces of the ignorant few (you know the kind).

    Very proud of you and your new adventure, I think it’s a wonderful idea. Just don’t feel bad if one day you feel more comfortable having a cardi on or feel safer in long clothes — you’re still making progress every day just by wanting to make positive changes so don’t beat yourself up.

    Looking forward to reading your experiences, B, take care and enjoy your summer! xx

    • Thanks for your support and great comment. It’s great to know you have had positive experiences! It’s what I’m hoping for although I, too, have a few retorts ready!

      And thanks for the words about not feeling bad. It’s something I’ve been worried about actually, as if I might be “flaking out” but I really appreciate what you said.

      You take care too!!xx

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