After dealing with mental health problems since I was about 13, I have been diagnosed with bipolar. I also have problems with alcohol abuse, self harm and sometimes eating. Recently, I am trying to deal with my problems in an effective, honest, positive, sustainable way.  I fail a lot, slip up a lot, stand up again and fear the fall every time.  This year, so far, has been a bit of a disaster but in between times there’s hope.  This blog is meant to be a positive way to work through what’s going on, connect with other people in similar situations, and remind myself as often as possible that at least I’m trying.

The name is taken from a Biffy Clyro song, “God & Satan” and the idea is that life/ relationships/ etc are about trying to focus on someone’s good side, and believe in that. I’ll only see your good side… and believe it’s a miracle. It’s easy to see others’ good sides, point them out, hold them up, try to make them seen.  If only it were as easy to appreciate our own good sides, it’d be a miracle…


bit of shameless self promotion:  I write a poem a day at

Becky Balfourth

*This blog tries to be positive, thoughtful, reflective and sometimes funny.  But some parts were written while ill and sleepless.  I have left the unstable parts in because they are as important as my more rational reflections (for me, anyway.  For others probably tedious or faintly disturbing…)


15 thoughts on “OnlySeeYourGoodSide

  1. it takes courage to blog about something so personal…bravo for that…you are not alone, so many of us wrestle with these problems, it is good to connect with people who have been there and understand.

    • thanks again for your kind comments. i’m glad not to feel alone and glad if i can help anyone else to feel less alone, too. it’s a struggle but one a lot of people go through… still can’t quite believe i’m putting all this stuff “out there”!

  2. definitely admire what you are doing here with you blog. I blog for similar reasons. Thankx for such honesty and thankx for ‘liking’ my blog, as it lead me to find your blog 🙂

  3. Thank you for “Liking” my post on Simply Forgotten. I’m so impressed with your honest blog and have been inspired to keep some of my posts public. You never know the community that one post can build by opening the door. I’ll follow Only See Your Good Side.

    • Thank you 🙂 I really appreciate that you like this blog. Sometimes I get scared it’s too upfront, so it’s good to know that that’s a good thing. I’m glad you decided to keep more of your posts public: I’ll be reading them!

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  5. Hi Becky, I hate to post here, but I couldn’t find another way to reach you. About a month ago you said you were interested in doing a guest post on my blog. If you’re still interested please let me know. I’m looking for a guest post for either next week or the week after. Here’s the link to my contact page Please send me a message and we can then chat via email. I hope I hear from you.
    Bradley (Insights From A Bipolar Bear)

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